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Manawatū Art Expo

The Manawatū Art Expo is our region’s premier arts event for artists and art aficionados. It takes place at the Palmerston North Conference and Function Centre every July, and is the perfect opportunity for artists and art lovers to connect!

Manawatū Art Expo Terms and Conditions of Entry

All artists participating in Manawatū Art Expo are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Entry. Payment of your registration fee serves as acceptance of all terms, and failure to comply may result in the withdrawal of your registration, with no refund issued.



§  Selection for Manawatū Art Expo is by application through the Feilding and District Art Society website.

§  Inclusion in the show is not automatic: all applications will be reviewed by the Expo organising committee.

§  The committee reserves the right to accept or decline any artist for any reason, and their decision is final. They will not enter into discussion regarding any decisions.

§  For those selected, there are three categories of registration:

o   Non-Bay Artists: are invited to submit a maximum of five artworks, each up to 1m x 1m. Fees are $15 per artwork.

o   Small Bay Artists: are allocated a booth approximately 1.8m x 3m x 1.95m (HxWxD) for a fixed fee of $180.

o   Large Bay Artists: are allocated a booth of approximately   1.8m x 4.3m x 3m (HxWxD) for a fixed fee of $360.

§  In addition to Bay/Non-Bay fees, all artists must pay an artist registration fee of $35.

§  Once selected, Artists will be invoiced to secure their place. Artists must pay the applicable registration fee by the date due on their invoice. Non-payment of fee may result in withdrawal of that artist and the allocated space offered to another artist.

§  Bay and hanging spaces are allocated at the discretion of the organising committee. No discussions about space allocation will be entered into.

§  All registration fees include GST.

§  Registration fees are non-refundable.

§  Additional fees may be applied for special requests (e.g. plinth or easel hire).

§  Artists are encouraged to arrange their own insurance for artworks. The Feilding and District Art Society and event organisers take no responsibility for damage or loss suffered by any artwork during installation, display or de-installation.

  • The Manawatū Art Expo organising committee reserves the right to reproduce images of all registered artists’ work for publicity purposes, including those submitted as part of an application. Artists will not be remunerated for images reproduced for promotional purposes.


Artwork Display and Presentation

§  The Expo is a cash and carry sale and not an exhibition – works are removed from the venue as they are sold.

§  Artworks must resemble images submitted as part of the application in terms of style and quality.

§  All artworks must be for sale.

§  All artworks must arrive at the venue ready for display. I.e. dry and ready to hang with folding D rings and cord. Works on paper must be framed.

§  Framing must be of a professional standard. Second-hand or damaged frames are not accepted, nor are works string with wire or string.

§  Sculptures must be suitable for display on a plinth – works cannot be placed directly onto the floor. Plinths will be provided but are subject to availability.

§  All works must have a swing tag attached to the cord and written on firm card. The swing tag must include: artist’s name, artwork title, medium used, and price.

§  Artworks to be displayed must be either: watercolour, oil, acrylic, ink, pastel, pencil, charcoal, mixed media, or sculpture.

§  Ineligible: Photography, digital prints, computer generated or AI work, furniture, functional homeware, handcrafts, textiles, promotional merchandise.

§  Artworks must be safe and easy to install: pieces that are too heavy, unstable, or deemed a safety hazard will not be exhibited.

§  Composite paintings (e.g. triptychs, diptychs) may only be displayed by Small or Large Bay artists.

§  All artworks will be reviewed by Manawatū Art Expo organisers. The organisers can, at their sole discretion, request that any artwork be removed from display should they deem it unsuitable, inappropriate, or in breach of these conditions. Their decision is final.

§  Artists are responsible for all costs of transporting work to the Art Expo, and the costs associated with returning or collecting unsold works.



§  Copyright rules apply to all artworks.

§  Copyright remains the artist’s unless they explicitly agree to relinquish it when the artwork is sold.

§  Artworks that are reproductions of other artists’, or of artworks published in books or magazines, are not permitted.

§  A class exercise set by, or demonstrated by, a tutor is copyright to the tutor. Therefore, artwork which follows a tutor’s demonstration may not be submitted.


Delivery and Collection

§  Non-Bay Artists must deliver their works to: Palmerston Conference and Function Centre, 354 Main Street, Palmerston North.

o   Courier deliveries will be accepted during business hours on Tuesday July 16 and between 10am and 2pm on Wednesday July 17.

o   Artists dropping off their own work may do so between 10am and 2pm on Wednesday July 17

§  Large and Small Bay artists must organise the transport, delivery and installation of their own works.

o   Large and Small Bay Artists may begin delivering work from 2pm on Wednesday July 17

o   All works must be on display by 2pm on Thursday July 18.

§  All unsold artworks that were delivered personally are to be collected on Sunday  July 21 between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm.

§  Prepaid return courier stickers must be included with couriered artworks.

§  Couriered works that are unsold will be returned to artists within 10 working days of the event’s completion.

§  Feilding and District Art Society and the event organisers do not take responsibility for transporting uncollected artworks.

§  No packaging material or surplus artworks can be stored at the Conference and Function Centre.



  • All works will be sold exclusively via Manawatū Art Expo: no private sales are permitted.

§  A 30% commission applies to all sales made during Expo. The commission charge will be deducted from the final payment to artists.

  • Artists are not responsible for any costs associated with transporting sold works – this is to be arranged by the buyer.

§  If the artist sells out of their work, the Expo organisers recover possession of that artist’s space and reserve the right to use it for the display of other artworks.

§  Holds and laybys may be arranged solely at the organisers’ discretion, with payments made to the Feilding and District Art Society Incorporated.

§  Artists will receive payment for all sales (less commission) within one calendar month of the Expo.

§  All taxation liabilities are the responsibility of the individual artist.


Additional Terms and Conditions: Large and Small Bay Artists

§  Bays can be shared upon request: a small bay may be shared by two artists, and a large bay by up to three artists, if requested on your application. Allocations will be made at the organisers’ discretion.

§  Bay artists must man their bays and are encouraged to run demonstrations within their Bay.

§  Bay artists may delegate responsibility for manning their bays to up to one assistant, provided organisers are notified. Neither Bay artists nor their allocated assistant are required to pay for entry to the venue during the Expo.

§  Bay artists are not required to return an Artworks Submission Form but are required to fill in labels as per the template provided by the Expo organisers.

§   Labels must be printed in black ink with details identical to details on the swing tags on the back of the artworks (see: presentation).

§  Bay artists are responsible for setting up their own bays, but the organisers reserve the right to request the removal or re-arrangement of any display deemed unsuitable, at their sole discretion.

§  Bay artists are required to fill their bays. The Expo organisers reserve the right to recover whole or partial possession of any bays that it deems, at is sole discretion, to be underutilised.

§  Bay artists may hang new work to replenish their display, as work is sold. However, the Expo organising committee is unable to provide storage space at the venue.

§  Bay artists may reduce their prices or offer multi-buy discounts. However, these deals must be communicated to Expo organisers prior to completing the sale.

  • Work may not be exhibited outside the area of allocated bays, nor can Bay artists’ work obstruct other artworks.

§  Bay artists are required to display an up-to-date artist biography. Artist bio must be typed, printed and either laminated, framed, or mounted for display.


Additional Terms and Conditions: Non-Bay Artists

§  Non-Bay artists will be sent an Artwork Submission Form upon registering. This must be completed with the details of all works to be displayed, and returned by 5pm on June 28 to:

§  Once returned, the Artwork Submission Form cannot be amended – private sales of these works prior to the Expo are not permitted.

§  Non-Bay artists are entitled to free entry to the venue during Expo.

§  Non-Bay artists may request to do demonstrations of their art, but are permitted to do so only at the organising committee’s discretion. If approved, any demonstration by a Non-Bay artist must be conducted in a way that no other artist or their work is obstructed or disturbed.



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