Future Masters with Katie Russell: Term 3 2022

Future Masters with Katie Russell: Term 3 2022
Term 3 Classes will begin on Thursday 28 July and run for 10 weeks.

In term 3, your future artist will be focusing on developing their skills in painting and colour relationships. Throughout the term, they'll get to:

Learn about colour mixing and colour relationships in different mediums such as pastels and acrylic painting
Find out about famous works of art from different periods in art history and create artwork inspired by them
Use stencils to make their own pop art and street art-inspired works
Create basic screen prints using stencils they have cut out themselves

Classes are $20 per session. When registering online, you will be asked to pay for a full term up front.

If you would like to set up a 'pay as you go' scheme, please contact info@feildingartsociety.com as some conditions apply.

All materials are included in the lesson fee.
NZ$ 200.00
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Thank you for deciding to enrol your young artist in a class at the Feilding and District Art Society. Please ensure you have read the following terms and conditions before proceeding to check out:


When you proceed to check out, you will be asked to make payment by internet banking. Please note that your child will only be considered enrolled when payment has been received. We will only hold your child's place for 48 hours so please ensure prompt payment. 


Refunds will only be issued if notification is given in writing to info@feildingartsociety.com within 14 days of the term commencing. If you decide to withdraw your child from a class within 14 days of term commencing, or during the middle of a term, no refund will be given. 

Health and Safety

The Feilding and District Art Society and its tutors take all reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of everyone on our premises, but is not liable for any personal injuries or damage to personal property sustained while on our premises.

The Feilding and District Art Society ensures that there is a qualified health and safety representative on site during children's art classes. A first aid kit is also available at all times, though no medication will be administered to students without parental consent. 

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that your child's tutor is notified of any health conditions which may impact their participation in class.

Photography in Class

The Feilding and District Art Society and its tutors reserve the exclusive right to take photographs in the classroom. By enrolling in a class, you give permission for the Feilding and District Art Society to take and publish images of your child and their artwork for promotional purposes, including on social media.

Teaching materials used in classes at the Feilding and District Art Society are subject to copyright. Photography of these materials by anyone other than the Feilding and District Art Society and its tutors is proibited.

General Class Policies

Children are expected to be punctual to all classes. The Feilding and District Art Society reserves the right to deny entry to latecomers, so as to minimuse disruption to other children. 

The Feilding and District Art Society reserves the right to dismiss any child whose behaviour is considered by the tutor to be disruptive, dangerous, or damaging. Any dismissal resulting in a withdrawal from classes will not result in a refund. 


Complaints must be submitted in writing to info@feildingartsociety.com. All correspondence received will be reviewed by the Feilding and District's Art Centre Manager and escalated to the Committee if required. An in-person meeting may be requested by the Art Centre Manager in order to reach a resolution. Responses and resolutions to all complaints will be recorded in writing.