Create a Landscape!

Create a Landscape!
20 August 10am to 3pm

Create a landscape from a photo or from your imagination.

Using a photo or a more abstract idea, Kylie will teach you how to create a powerful composition, use tone and colour, and how to create an expressive work of art.

She will explain art concepts such as perspective, the focal point and 'the eye path'. She will also go over ways to critique your own work and make improvements to it, as well as discussing how to 'finish' a painting.

At the end of the workshop you should come away with some solid strategies to approach a landscape painting. Kylie supports an enjoyable and experimental way of working so it should also be fun!

What to bring: Canvas and a reference photo

About Kylie:

I completed a Diploma in Creativity Level 6 with the Learning Connexion in 2020 and had a landscape chosen for the New Zealand Contemporary Art calendar 2021.

I've exhibited at Square Edge and Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts in Palmerston North. I've taken part in the Manawatu Art Trail several times.

I'm currently based in rural Whanganui and am represented by Space Gallery in Whanganui, Artel Gallery in Otaki, Tennyson Gallery in Napier and Pokapu Gallery in Bulls.

I'm inspired by nature - rural and coastal views. But I like to work in a somewhat abstract style, focusing on colour and painterly expression, using my imagination and a spontaneous process to interpret the landscape.
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