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Wouna Le Roux Textile Art

Wouna Le Roux


Work Currently Available: 

Trees of Life (610mm diameter x 30mm depth)

This work is created from thread embroidered in intricate patterns onto translucent voile fabric and mounted on a mirrored background. 

The six 'trees' in the circle can be read as the intertwining trees of life (symbols of oneness and unity representing the interconnectedness of life on Earth), as life-giving veins, and as family trees with all the messiness of family life visible under the surface. Use of the six PRIDE colours implies inclusion of all within the circle, while the mirror alludes to eternal repetition, and the subtle inclusion of the viewer in the work.

Price: $595 - this is a one-off product and available in store only. 

SKU: 10000-13

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