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Cheryl O'brien: AREN'T WE THE SAME?

July 1st - 30th / OPENING EVENT July 5th 5.30pm 

'Aren’t We the Same?' is an examination of celebrity culture that asks us to define fame, and question how and why we differentiate ourselves from those who receive celebrity status.

As visitors explore the exhibition and interrogate the meanings behind each of the works in Aren’t We the Same, they will be prompted to consider broader questions about the world around us, such as:

• How are images in the media used to construct identity or personas?

• What makes us care about, or value a celebrity? Are we more drawn to the famous persona, or the hidden traits beneath?

• What makes a person worthy of fame?

• How does the way we treat celebrities in the media, online, ad in art, reflect the values we impose on ourselves?

Visit Cheryl's exhibition to uncover the hidden meanings behind her works.


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