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Botanical Collaboration: Variations on a Theme

Artists Lynette Russell, Robyn Parkinson and Katie Parkinson have decided to collaborate on a creative challenge: to each produce a series of artworks within the theme of 'Botanicals'.

June 30 to July 28 | Join us for the opening event at 5pm on June 30

Six different flower species were chosen by a ballot system, dictating which botanical species each artist must incorporate into their work. Each artist could then choose their own, seventh flower, as a 'wild card'.

The resulting exhibition is one of unity and collaboration, expressed through a diverse range of media and techniques which reflect the requirements of the botanical challenge as well as each artist's unique style. Robyn, Katie and Lynette hope the botanical theme is a recognisable and interesting thread to seek out and follow through the exhibition, which will feature head pieces and jewellery, edible sculptures and paintings.

This really is an exhibition not to be missed!


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