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Wouna Le Roux: Betwixt and Between

'Betwixt and Between' refers to in-between transitional, liminal states of being. It is an exhibition inspired by moments of passage, and phases of life where we are neither here nor there, not one thing or another, neither boy nor man, not girl nor woman.

September 1 to 28 | Opening Event September 1 at 5pm

The works on display in Betwixt and Between are predominantly made of recycled textiles and clothes - items that embody ideas of transformation and liminality in that they are discarded and yet reborn - being transformed from one thing to another in the art-making process. 
For humans, liminality is a linear process, and irreversible. We are all in a transformational phase on earth - between birth and death. During this time we pass through numerous other liminal phases (adolescence, getting married, motherhood). By constrast, the materials used to create the works in Betwixt and Between are regenerated, recycled, reborn.

This exhibition illustrates and celebrates the in-between, transformational state we are all going through in various stages of life. In each stage, an old self dies (symbolically) and a new one is reborn. 


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