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Victoria McGovern: They Are Like Us

January 9 to February 6

''All animals know it, except man, that the highest goal of life is joy''- Samuel Butler

Humans and animals have so much in common. Like us, they experience the world consciously, maintain a social life. They are intelligent and have feelings like joy, fear, also moral conduct in the form of empathy, emotion contagion, reconciliation after an argument, sharing and comforting. And they have a sense of humour. We see it in their funny poses and faces and their innate ability to make us laugh.

Victoria McGovern is a Palmerston North based artist. She started her journey into the beautiful world of art 13 years ago when she began to express her emotions through art. Her favourite mediums are acrylic and oil. As a lover of nature, she enjoys painting animals, birds, wildlife, and pet portraits. She describes her style as humorous surrealism - making people laugh is her goal.

All works are for sale, but entry is always free.


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