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The Art of Spoon Carving: Robyn Parkinson

From 15 March to 19 April, celebrate the beauty and versatility of spoons in their many (sometimes unexpected) forms.

The Feilding and District Art Society is thrilled to host the Art of Spoon Carving: an exhibition by Robyn Parkinson. Available to view from 15 March to 19 April.

The Art of Spoon Carving showcases spoons for the beauty of their form and the many styles in which they exist. Exploring the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, each of Robyn's hand-carved spoons are presented to showcase their natural beauty. Some are available to touch, hold, and to feel the imperfections of their natural form. Others are mounted and framed as wall-mounted art pieces, their grooves and bends shown as sculptural forms. These are contrasted again by still life paintings, domestic interiors in which Robyn presents the spoon in its "natural habitat".

Of spoon carving, Robyn says it is a skill which has "been embraced in our time of lockdowns and uncertainty around the world, as away of taking time out and learning an ancient skill. It is a form of meditation with a little risk thrown in." It is an artform which has seen clubs and groups crop up around the UK and USA and is growing here in New Zealand.

Visit the Art of Spoon Carving to be inspired by the potential of organic materials to be transformed into functional artwork, and perhaps find yourself pursuing spoon carving at home.


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