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Tammie Rose Hodgetts: Rural Stitches

From 2 to 21 September, Rangitikei artist Tammie Rose Hodgetts presents her unique viewpoint of local landscapes.

An exhibition built around opulent scenes of the Rangitikei, Tammie has taken inspiration from cubism painting and used vivid colours to create landscape works that have a jewel-like quality to them. The faceted effect of her cubist style creates works which appear to have been stitched together. See these unique pieces for yourself but be fast, Tammie's exhibition is on for less than three weeks!

About Tammie Rose Hodgetts:
Tammie Rose Hodgetts (nee Riddle) is artist from the Rangitikei who uses Cubism to create field of distance, unity of embraces that gives each work an atmosphere that sets them apart. Her acrylic paintings evolve around the use of colour and are created by layers of paint, transparent washes. “My aspiration is to create pieces that are engrossing in detail & technique, while giving the viewer an emotional experience they keep returning to.”
Tammie was home schooled from the age of three, it was not until her parents suggested in 2009 that she should enrol in classes held by the Feilding District Art Society, a class that had eight other students, her being the youngest. This is where Rita Easther introduced her to the influences of Braque and the style of Cubism. Rita was a well-known artist for her renditions of Rangitikei cliffs and landscapes and dislocated birds using cubism. She took Tammie under her wing and passed on a wealth of knowledge, continuing to work closely with Tammie well after the classes had finished.
Tammie’s latest paintings have evolved from the early Rangitikei landscapes, storytelling of Aotearoa’s native birds, delicate graphite drawings to new large paintings by becoming more refined, stronger in their substance and message. Tammie is currently showing other pieces through solo exhibitions, awards and social media. She also shows artwork at her home studio in the Rangitikei. This is a new, exciting space she is creating to hold art workshops and she welcomes commissions.


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