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Feilding Art Centre has an ever-changing programme of exhibitions, events and classes with a new show on every month.

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After School Art Classes

The Feilding and District Art Society runs three after school art classes per week, catering to different age groups and abilities. Irrespective of which class you enroll your tamariki in, the cost is $48 per student, per term.

Term 4 art classes are delivered with the generous support of the Trillian Trust.

Budding Artists with Eris Newson

Tuesdays 3.30pm to 5pm - Ages 5 to 7 (ish) - October 17 to November 21

Eris Newson is a Halcombe-based artist who work in oils, acrylics and watercolour, as well as digital art and photography. 

In her classes, Eris is driven by what she calls, her "art philosophy". It's simple:

  • To create opportunities for students to explore a range of materials, techniques and styles that go beyond that which is commonly available in our schools at their level 

  • To support and nurture the skills and techniques developed by artists in the foundations of their learning

  • To create lessons that push students beyond the school curriculum 

Eris draws on her extensive skillset to teach early learners not only how to make art, but how to handle different media and tools - helping them develop skills they can carry with them through their learning journey.

Emerging Creatives with Eris Newson

Wednesdays 3.30pm to 5pm - Ages 7 to 9 (ish) - October 18 to November 20

From Term 4, we will be offering an additional Wednesday class for students aged 8-10. These classes will be suited to learners looking to extend their creativity, but who aren't quite ready to join the Future Masters group.

Wednesday classes will also suit older children who have never tried art classes before and want to test the waters.

Future Masters with Cheryl O'Brien

Thursdays 3.30pm to 5pm - Ages 10 to 12 (ish) - October 19 to November 23

Cheryl O'Brien is a portrait artist whose work seeks to capture the essence, expression and soul of her subjects. Working primarily in acrylics, Cheryl's art is bright and bold.

In Future Masters, Cheryl empowers advanced learners to find their creative voices and develop their own unique style. This course is designed for students who would like to step up their art journey and develop medium- and long-term projects. 

In term one, students can expect to explore a range of media, starting with dry media and working up to oil and watercolour. For each medium explored, students will complete a study of an artist skilled in applying that medium.


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