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Tash Hume Open Edition Prints

Tash Hume



Digital prints of Tash Hume's acrylic paintings. Each is signed and printed on high quality paper - almost indiscernible from the original!

Creativity has been a passion of Tash Hume’s since childhood, but something she never gave herself the time to pursue. She graduated from UCOL with a Diploma in Visual Arts back in 2003, but did not pursue a career as an artist.

Feeling she was cheating herself by studying art but not practicing it, Tash decided in 2019 to make a change. She started a collection of fine art prints and began selling them at local craft markets. Now, she makes a regular habit of going into the studio, turning on some music and ‘getting loose’. Her approach to art making is experimental – using the techniques she acquired in formal study but with her own spin. The works Tash creates are joyful celebrations of movement, texture, and colour.

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