Sam Hickson: Mechanical Art

Sam Hickson: Mechanical Art

Mechanical objects play a huge role in our daily lives. Sometimes we are unaware of how much we rely on them until they break down.

No matter where you live, everybody relies on something mechanical on a daily basis. In this latest series of paintings, Sam applies the principals of portraiture to mechanical subjects, lending a sense of energy and emotion to objects many of us take for granted. 

Sam is visiting from Auckland but you can come and meet him here at Feilding Art Centre between 10am and 4pm on July 21!

About Sam: 

I am an oil painter from Auckland with a diploma in fine arts from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, I paint portraits predominantly and on occasions got commission work. 

I work as a volunteer at Upstairs Gallery in Lopdell Precinct arts centre, Titirangi where my paintings are sometimes displayed in group art shows.

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